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The GDLite 8017 is a reliable solar lighting kit that has 3 low consumption LED bulbs and a USB multi adapter snake cable that allows you to charge your phones from an internal 6 volt battery. It is great for use in houses without electricity or when camping in the great outdoors. You can also use it when there is a power blackout.

The battery gets its charge from the sun through a small solar panel provided with the kit. This panel can be put on a roof, outside a window or anywhere it will receive adequate light. You can also charge the battery through a normal mains socket outlet (both 240/110v). The unit has charge and status indicators to show you how much charge is left and at what rate it is charging.

The plastic (non breakable) LED Lights can be connected simultaneously providing enough light for up to three rooms. Each light can be individually switched on and off.

Key Features


Portable and great for emergencies!

Good quality bright LED light bulbs

Charges Phones/tablets/power banks

Has an internal battery with battery indicators

Charged by 240/110 volts or by sunlight

Bulbs are plastic so they can’t break

LED bulbs last longer on a single charge

Rugged and sturdy build

Easy to install

What’s in the box

3 x 3w LED DC Bulbs6volt 4amp hour Battery/ChargerMulti adapter USB charging cable for phones/tab charging3 Watt Sol

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Gd light 8017b

1000 in stock

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