This Privacy Notice provides information on how Njoro Bale collects and processes your personal data
when you visit our website or mobile applications. It sets out what we do with your personal data and
how we keep it secure and explains the rights that you have in relation to your personal data.

We have created this privacy policy (the “Policy”) in order to comply with our commitment to uphold the
highest standards when it comes to how we gather, use, and safeguard your personal information. The
Policy includes the following:
This outlines the categories of personal data we collect;

  • This describes the procedures we use while gathering and using your personal data;
  • It outlines the circumstances in when and the reasons why we might exchange personal data both
    within Njoro Bale and with other companies;
  • Describes how we safeguard the personal data we gather; and
  • This outlines your options and rights in regard to your personal information.

You must adhere to this policy if you use our services, which are referred to as “our Services” in this
policy. Utilizing our services entails

  • Placing an order for goods or services from any of our subsidiaries online, over the phone, or in person.
  • Using one of our platforms, such as one of our websites (“our Websites”), mobile applications (“our Mobile Apps”), or public Wi-Fi networks; or
  • Participating in our contests and promotions and signing up to get our newsletters and offers
  • This Policy also applies to communications between you and us regarding our services.

The Information We Gather About You?

Any information that may be used to directly or indirectly identify a specific person is considered
personal data. Your personal information is collected so that we can give you customized goods and
services, as well as to assess and improve them over time. Different types of personal data may be
gathered, used, stored, and transferred by us for marketing and personal data optimization reasons. Njoro Bale further makes targeted offers for particular goods and services to our customers using Google Digital Marketing.

When you register your personal information on our website and mobile platforms and conduct business
there, you provide us your personal information.

Among the personal information we gather is:

Specific details you give us: Your identification data, contact information, biometric information, delivery
address, and financial data are among the details we receive and store about you. Some examples of these kinds of personal data are:

  • Contact information (such as your name, postal address, phone number, and email address);
  • Demographic data (such as your date of birth, age or range of ages, and gender);
  • Payment information (such as your credit card details and billing address),
  • Online registration information (such as your password and other authentication information),
  • Details supplied in answer to online questionnaires (such as feedback from any customer satisfaction surveys or market research),
  • Entry into or submissions to competitions, and
  • In some situations, your marketing preferences.

Additional sources of personal data:
We may also utilize personal data from other sources, including public records, online media channels,
our partners, and specialized information suppliers. From other sources, we may obtain the following
categories of personal data about you: contact information, credit history, purchase history, interests,
preferences, or other categories of publicly available data. These additional personal details enable us to:
• examine and enhance the veracity of the information we have; and
• enhance our marketing communications, including internet advertising, and track their efficacy.
We might be obligated by law to gather personal data about you or as a result of any agreements we have
with you. You will still be able to access our Platforms, but you might not be able to access certain
options, goods, or services, and in some situations, we might not be able to offer a service you request if
you decide not to disclose your personal information for use in line with this Policy.
Put our services at your disposal:
In order to fulfil your request for services, we use your personal information to do the following things:

  • Handling your refunds and orders; and
  • Taking care of your accounts with us.
    This is necessary so that we can fulfil our contractual obligations to you and offer you the services.
    Personalize your experience to you:
    As this is in our legitimate business interests, we may use your personal information to tailor and make
    more interesting and relevant the marketing messages we send to you. Where necessary, we will first ask
    for your permission. We may employ the following strategies to further this end with your personal data:
  • Using your web surfing habits, purchases made in-person and online, and other information to better
    understand you as a client and deliver customized offers and services to you;
  • Sending you pertinent marketing messages about our offerings and those of our suppliers and partners
    (including those via email, post, telephone, SMS, or internet advertising). Online advertisements may be
    shown as a result of this, both on Our Websites and on the websites and online media channels of other
    businesses. We may also assess the success of our own marketing efforts as well as those of our partners
    and suppliers;
  • We combine personal information we collect when you make purchases in-store with personal
    information collected from our Websites, Mobile Apps, and other sources, including the various
    subsidiaries under Njoro Bale, in order to better understand you and offer you services and marketing
    communications that are relevant to your interests.
    Interact and communicate with you
    When we communicate with you, we might use your personal information to:
  • communicate with you about our services, such as via phone, email, or letter; or by replying to
    comments you have made on social media;
  • Oversee the competitions and promotions you participate in, including those we hold in conjunction
    with our suppliers and partners;
  • Invite you to participate in and oversee customer surveys, questionnaires, and other market research
    projects managed on our behalf by Njoro Bale and other businesses.
    Having the ability to respond to you appropriately and inform you of our services is in our legitimate
    business interests.
    Organize and enhance daily operations
    We review data on how you utilize our services in order to:
  • Run and enhance our mobile apps and websites;
  • Contribute to the growth and improvement of our service offerings, retail locations, information
    technology systems, expertise, and methods of communication with you;
  • Recognize and stop fraud or other crimes.
    It is in our legitimate business interests to use the information provided to us for this purpose, so we can
    understand any issues with our services to improve it.
    The following situations may arise in which we may disclose your personal information to other parties:
    Subsidiaries of Njoro Bale
    For the reasons outlined above, we may divulge the personal data gathered by any of our subsidiaries to
    our other companies.
    Retail Associates
    With other businesses (referred to as “Retail Partners”) that offer products through our Services, we might
    share your personal information. We only divulge personal data necessary for our Retail Partners to
    deliver their services. For instance, when you make an in-person or online purchase, we will provide the
    relevant Retail Partner with your name, address, and contact information so they can deliver your things.
    Service Providers
    We collaborate with carefully chosen Service Providers who do specific tasks on our behalf. These
    comprise organizations that assist us with technology services, the storing and combining of data, the
    processing of payments, and the delivery of goods, for instance. We only divulge personal data necessary
    for our Service Providers to carry out their functions.
    Some of the Service Providers we engage with run online media outlets, and they post pertinent online
    advertising there on our behalf for our goods and services as well as those of our suppliers and Retail
    Partners. For instance, if you utilize a specific social media platform, you might see an advertisement for
    our goods and services.
    In the following situations, we might divulge personal data to third companies:
  • If a public authority or an applicable legislation requires us to divulge the personal information;
  • If we must disclose personal data to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights (this includes
    disclosing personal data to others in order to fight fraud and lower credit risk);
  • To a company with whom we sell or transfer any of our companies, or with whom we enter into
    negotiations to sell or transfer any of our rights or responsibilities under any contract we might have with
    you. If the transfer or sale goes through, the organization that receives your personal information may use
    it in the same manner as we do.
  • To anybody to whom we transmit or may transfer our rights and obligations under our agreement with
  • To any other successors in title to our business.
    Your personal information might be sent to, kept, and processed in a nation other than your home country
    or the nation in which we were founded. In any event, to ensure that your data is appropriately protected,
    we have implemented the necessary precautions in compliance with the relevant legal requirements.
    We may be required to disclose your personal information to courts, law enforcement, or governmental
    authorities in foreign countries if your personal information is transferred there. However, we will only do
    so in situations where doing so is required by applicable laws.
    Your personal information is protected by physical, technological, and organizational precautions that
    prevent unauthorized access, use, alteration, and destruction. However, no website on the internet can be
    completely secure, and we are not liable for unauthorized or unintended access that occurs for reasons
    outside of our control.
    On several social media platforms, we run channels, pages, and accounts to communicate with, support,
    and interact with clients. We keep track of and log reviews and postings made about us on these channels
    so that we can enhance our offerings.
    Other than the content we have placed ourselves, Njoro Bale disclaims any liability for the information
    posted on those websites. We don’t support either the content that third parties post on social media
    platforms or the platforms themselves.
    We keep records for as long as required to
    a) Manage purchases, bookings, memberships and provide the other relevant products or services
    anticipated by this Privacy Policy, including keeping you up-to-date with our marketing
    b) Personalize the products, services and communications with you
    c) Comply with the applicable record retention legal requirements. When deciding how long to keep your
    personal information after our relationship with you has ended, we take into account our legal obligations
    and regulators’ expectations.
    However, we will retain and use your registration information as necessary to comply with our legal
    obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.
    As you use our websites and mobile apps, we utilize “Cookies” and related technologies (such as tags and
    pixels) to tailor and enhance your user experience and show you relevant online advertising. A website or
    mobile app can gather and retain a variety of data on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device via cookies,
    which are little data files.
    We use cookies to enhance your user experience and make it easier for us to provide essential features and
    functionality on our websites and mobile applications. In order to achieve the following, for instance, we
    use cookies:
    Enhance the functionality of our websites and mobile apps. Cookies allow us to improve the way our
    Websites and Mobile Apps work so that we can personalize your experience and allow you to use many of
    their useful features.
    Enhance the functionality of our websites and mobile applications. Cookies can notify us if you
    receive error messages when browsing, which can help us better understand how our websites and mobile
    apps are being used. These cookies gather largely anonymous and aggregated data.
    Deliver appropriate online advertising. We employ cookies to assist in delivering online advertising
    that, in our opinion, is most pertinent to you on our websites and the websites of other businesses.
    Determining how well our marketing communications, including online advertising, are doing.
    Cookies can let us know whether you’ve seen a particular advertisement and how long it’s been since you
    did. We can manage how often you see advertisements by using this data to assess the success of our
    online marketing initiatives.
    You might not be able to utilize all of our platforms if you choose to disable any or all Cookies. For
    instance, you might not be able to utilize certain of our services that need you to sign in, add things to
    your shopping cart, or check out. We will set cookies on your computer or device after you grant us
    permission to use them. You must erase our cookies using your web browser’s settings if you want to
    revoke your consent at any time.
    Remember me: By clicking this option, you are kept logged in for 7 days; otherwise, you wouldn’t need
    a password to use the application again. This is to improve the seamless experience, but it should only be
    selected on personal devices, never on shared or public ones.
    In order to analyze trends and enhance our marketing and promotional efforts, analyze platform usage,
    enhance our content and product offerings, and customize the content, layout, products, and services of
    our Platforms, we may aggregate personal information and remove any identifying elements. As
    mentioned above, we may engage third parties to carry out these tasks on our behalf.
    We track usage data such as the volume and regularity of visits to our platforms. This information may
    include your IP address, the webpage you just left and went to, the browser you are using, the device you
    are using, and the webpage you go to next. Such information is solely used in aggregate form.
    In order to better understand and serve you, we can better understand how much our users utilize various
    aspects of our platforms thanks to the collective data we collect about them.
    Depending on your privacy settings, content from our Platforms may be sent back to that other website or
    service and made publicly or privately visible (for example, to friends, followers, or generally to anyone
    who has access to your profile page) if you use buttons on our Platforms that are linked to social media or
    other similar websites (for example, “Like” and/or “Share” buttons).
    A. It’s crucial that the personal information we have on you is accurate and up to date. If your personal
    information changes throughout your partnership with us, kindly let us know.
    B. In certain situations, you may have legal recourse regarding your personal data, including the right to
    access, rectify, or erase it, to object to or limit its use, to request that we transfer your information to
    another party, and to unsubscribe from our emails and newsletters.
    C. You have the option of terminating your account if you want to completely delete your data from our
    website and other applications. By choosing this, you can close your account. All goods and services that
    you have access to through your account will stop being offered as soon as it is closed.
    D. If your request is unjustified or you don’t supply the additional information required to verify your
    identity, we may decline to comply to it.
    If you have any concerns about our compliance with applicable privacy laws or this Privacy Policy, please
    contact us via mail @ njorobale@gmail.com or +254704787847. We will endeavor to respond to your
    concerns as soon as possible